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Business space for entrepreneurial minds.
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We believe that our environment defines us, our thoughts and our actions. So we decided to design an inspiring workspace geared towards helping businesses as well as individuals grow and perform at their very best. This is how we created Workit — a business space providing private offices, consulting, funding and partnerships to both startups and accomplished companies.

work never
felt so good
Inspired by the principles of human-centered design we created a one of a kind place to work that not only look stunning but works great too — focus room, high-quality ergonomic furniture, perks for productive creative work , transformable workshop room and even SAD lamps to tackle the winter blues.
Our job is to help you do yours. HR, recruitment, legal and accounting services — you can rely on free office hours or full-cycle consultations by our experts at Workit Consulting.

seed fund
entrepreneurial spirit
One of the biggest challenges startups face is fundraising. We know how important it is to get the right funding to scale your business. This is why we established Workit Seed Fund, connecting Ukrainian startups and investors.
Many top companies across the globe were built when founders were introduced to one another by a happy coincidence. We make that coincidence more likely to happen by building community of those who create — founders of tech companies, entrepreneurs of creative industries, mentors and investors where growing startups work next to big accomplished businesses.
Amenities that work for you
We have no need to boast about fast internet and printers as it is a must for any workspace. We are proud that we can offer you much more than that.
ergonomics and productivity

All components of productive work - ergonomic high-quality chairs, high ceilings and fresh air, focus room.
Enhance your creativity - Workshop room, whiteboards for brainstorming, puzzles and instruments to develop creative thinking.
Free massage, yoga & meditation, bike parking, shower, tennis table.
hotel rooms
Superior hotel-style rooms to take rest, also available to book for an overnight stay.
meeting & skype rooms
Sound-proof. You can be sure that your conversation will remain confidential. Easy booking through a mobile app.
lounge & event zone
A varied program of educational and networking events, informal meetings and socializing with international industry leaders - Workit is a space where people & ideas find each other.
customisable offices
We will create customisable space for your team - redecorate, equip with necessary furniture, add your company's branding and adjust according to changes in your team.
security & comfort
Our spaces are provided with electronic access system, open 24/7 and equipped with lockers.
Quirky locations with character
We select exceptional locations for our workspaces, each with modern and extraordinary design and atmosphere, created by our in-house team of architects.
Villa in a park
Your nirvana at work: home-like atmosphere and beautiful nature to achieve your highest level of productivity and growth.
Opening in
July 2018
It is no coincidence we are launching this location first. Villa in a park will be open at the beginning of the warm season and there is hardly any other place you would want to be - enjoying fresh air away from traffic jam.

Located in Nyvky park, 10 minutes away from Nyvky metro station.

Terrace & BBQ
Relaxation in a park
Bike parking
Workshop room
Pull-up bars, frisbee, basketball
Cafe in a building for a meeting over lunch or coffee
Price plans for
early birds
Work as you like.
Special prices are stated for one workplace and applied for residents who book offices before the launch of the location.
$ / month
Any vacant workplace in a lounge
Perfect choice who those who prefer to work in relaxed informal atmosphere
Dedicated desk in the open space
Customise your workplace and enjoy full range of our facilities
Create an office space for your team
No worries about utility bills, office management and other time-consuming things like that

Whether your team is growing or downsizing, your office will adjust to your needs

Exceptional office with a stunning view
Limited access to office area for your team. Make yourself at home.

All-inclusive service.

$ / month
$ / month
$ / month
Join Workit,
a business space for entrepreneurial minds
We can't wait to tell you more about our space and answer all your questions.

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